July 22, 2024

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Josep Borrell | Acting together to ensure international law prevails | Commentary

Josep Borrell | Acting together to ensure international law prevails | Commentary

One particular yr in the past nowadays, February 24, 2022, will endlessly be recalled as the working day when Russia started its brutal, unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine. This was and stays a circumstance of pure aggression and a apparent-reduce breach of the UN Constitution. This war is neither ‘just a European issue’, nor is it about the ‘West vs . the rest’.

It is about the sort of globe we all want to dwell in no a single is safe in a entire world in which the illegal use of drive, by a nuclear ability and permanent member of the Security Council, would in some way be ‘normalised’. That is why worldwide law will have to be enforced all over the place to defend everybody from electrical power politics, blackmail and armed forces assault.

One particular calendar year on, there is a risk that men and women develop into inured to the illustrations or photos of war crimes and atrocities that they see, due to the fact there are so many, that the words and phrases we use commence to drop their significance, simply because we have to repeat them so usually, that we get tired and weaken our resolve, due to the fact time is passing and the process at hand is challenging.

Unparalleled sanctions

This we simply cannot do. This is mainly because every working day, Russia retains violating the UN charter, developing a harmful precedent for the total entire world with its imperialist plan. Each working day, Russia keeps killing harmless Ukrainian women, gentlemen and little ones, raining down its missiles on cities and civilian infrastructure. Each individual day, Russia keeps spreading lies and fabrications.

For the European Union and our partners, there is no alternative to remaining the training course of our ‘triple strategy’: supporting Ukraine, putting pressure on Russia to cease its illegal aggression and helping the rest of the entire world cope with the fallout.

This is what we have been executing for 1 12 months now, and properly so. We have adopted unprecedented sanctions, lower our dependency on Russian fossil fuels, and in near collaboration with essential associates diminished by 50 for each cent the energy revenues the Kremlin will get to finance its aggression. Performing collectively, we have also mitigated the world-wide ripple outcomes with food and strength charges declining, partly thanks to our Solidarity Lanes and to the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

It is not plenty of to say that we want Ukraine to be ready to defend by itself it demands the indicates to do so. So, for the initially time at any time, the EU has provided weapons to a nation underneath attack. Indeed, the EU is now the primary supplier of armed forces coaching for Ukrainian personnel so they can protect their state. We are also presenting sizeable macro-economic and humanitarian help to aid the Ukrainian people. And we have resolved to react positively to Ukraine’s ask for to be part of the EU. Last but not least, we are working to make sure accountability for the war crimes that Russia has fully commited.

Ukraine has shown its amazing resilience, partly many thanks to this assistance. Russia has grown extra isolated, many thanks to world-wide sanctions and the international condemnation by the frustrating the vast majority of states in the UN Basic Assembly. Our collective objective is, and stays, a democratic Ukraine that prevails pushing out the invader, restoring its total sovereignty and, with that, restoring international legality.

Over all, we want peace in Ukraine, a in depth and long lasting peace that is in line with the UN Constitution and global regulation. Supporting Ukraine and doing the job for peace go hand in hand.

Russia’s steps are a frontal attack on the ideas of territorial integrity, sovereignty and worldwide regulation. If Russia had been to triumph, the repercussions would unfold globally, as this aggression is without a doubt a textbook example of an imperialist state of mind. The assist of Latin American and Caribbean nations around the world at the UN and elsewhere is, hence, very important.


We want to be apparent that Russian actions are responsible for the economic shockwaves remaining seasoned. The EU is operating with the location to handle economic desires and we have enhanced our funding, which includes for the most-influenced international locations in Latin The usa.

The Russian invasion has underlined the need for the two Europe and Latin The usa to stay clear of too much dependencies. We have frequent passions in forging a modern day partnership to create a lot more resilient and inclusive economies, to safeguard our democracies and to bolster social cohesion. We need to have to produce functional progress in our formidable agenda for cooperation ahead of the EU-CELAC Summit afterwards this 12 months.

Background and justice are on the side of Ukraine. But to accelerate history and to achieve justice, we want to amplify our ‘triple strategy’. We know this is a collective endeavor. That is why the EU is counting on all its associates, to act in a spirit of joint responsibility and solidarity: to make sure that aggression fails and global regulation prevails.

Josep Borrell is the high consultant of the EU for international affairs and stability plan. Send out opinions to [email protected].