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White-Collar Crime and Theft Defense Attorney

White-Collar Crime and Theft Defense Attorney

White-Collar Crime and Theft Defense Attorney

Do you need legal advice and representation if you are under investigation for theft or another white collar crime? An Oakland criminal defense attorney that focuses on theft and white collar crimes could help you.

These non-violent offenses account for billions in losses each year. They can destroy an individual’s reputation, bankrupt businesses and ruin family savings.


White-collar crime involves non-violent financial crimes committed by professionals, businessmen, and public officials. It covers a broad range of charges including embezzlement, real estate fraud, and tax evasion. Embezzlement, in particular, is a felony that could result in significant jail time.

Embezzlement occurs when a person misappropriates assets that have been entrusted to them. This is a breach of fiduciary responsibility and can occur in any type of business. In factories, for example, employees might falsify their time cards to earn overtime pay that they have not worked for.

A skilled criminal defense attorney can help defend your reputation if you face embezzlement accusations in Oakland or anywhere else in California. This can involve helping to manage the investigation, securing a plea deal with the prosecution, or fighting for your innocence in a trial. A lawyer can also help to mitigate your sentence by arguing for community service or restitution. They can provide a free consultation to review the facts of your case.

Tax Evasion

A person can be convicted of tax evasion for illegally not paying a real tax liability. For a conviction, the government must prove that the taxpayer acted with “an intent to evade assessment or payment of taxes.” This can be proven by showing that a defendant took action to conceal assets, falsely allocate income, or misstate deductions. This can be done through direct or indirect circumstantial evidence.

The most common form of tax fraud involves filing a false return that either omits or overstates income. This can be done by hiding assets in offshore bank accounts, claiming improper deductions (such as unsubstantiated charitable deductions or travel expenses), or making distributions to family members to avoid taxable income.

The government can be aggressive in prosecuting white collar crimes, and they have a wide range of tools to seize property, freeze bank accounts and garnish wages. That is why it is important to hire a criminal lawyer as soon as you think you are under investigation.


Fraud involves deception with the intent to obtain unfair or unlawful gain, or deny a victim a legal right. Offenses that fall under this category include bank fraud, tax evasion and credit card fraud. It differs from criminal offenses that are categorized as theft because it doesn’t involve a direct loss of money or property to another individual or institution.

A White-Collar Crime Defense Attorney in Oakland, CA must be contacted immediately if you are under investigation or charged with any type of fraud. These crimes are typically nonviolent and revolve around money, either deliberately or unintentionally misplaced. They cost investors billions of dollars annually and can ruin your reputation if convicted. They are prosecuted by federal and state agencies and often require extensive examination of years of financial records and personal communications. You may also face substantial fines and jail time if convicted. A strong and aggressive white-collar defense is essential to mitigate the damage and protect your rights.

Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual property theft is an issue that affects many businesses. This type of theft is done by employees or unauthorized individuals who steal creations and ideas that are patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets.

The law around intellectual property protections comes with stiff penalties for any violation of these laws. This is why it is important to seek legal help as soon as you become aware of an infringement of your intellectual property rights.

The first step to protecting your intellectual property is to send the person a cease and desist letter. If that doesn’t work, then you may need to take more drastic action such as a lawsuit. The deeper the harm caused by your intellectual property theft, the more aggressively you should pursue a lawsuit against the thief. These include the loss of sales, damage to the reputation of your business, and potential bodily or financial harm to others. The thief may also be subject to criminal charges if they are found to have stolen intellectual property that benefits foreign governments or institutions, according to the Economic Espionage Act.