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Top 5 Common Causes of Car Accidents – Automobile Accidents Legal Blogs Posted by Michael John Tario

Top 5 Common Causes of Car Accidents – Automobile Accidents Legal Blogs Posted by Michael John Tario

On average, there are more than 6 million car incidents in the U.S. each and every year, main to thousands of accidents and fatalities. In Washington Condition alone, 745 folks died in website traffic accidents in 2022, the greatest range due to the fact 1990. Nationally, there are somewhere around 37,000 crash-connected fatalities every calendar year, which breaks down to about 101 deaths for each working day. In addition, a lot more than 2 million men and women go through accidents or disabilities every yr when they are concerned in a motor vehicle accident. An enhance in negligent driving behaviors this sort of as drunk-driving, speeding, and texting when driving has contributed to higher premiums of crash fatalities in excess of the previous few several years. By studying about the most frequent causes of motor vehicle accidents, we can stay away from these behaviors and decrease our danger of a crash.

Prime 5 Typical Causes of Automobile Accidents

These five driving behaviors are liable for thousands and thousands of car or truck accidents just about every yr:

1. Distracted driving

In accordance to analysis from the American Auto Association’s Visitors Protection Division, a whopping 25-50 per cent of all motor vehicle accidents are prompted by distracted driving. It is also significant to know that, in accordance to the NHTSA, driving although texting is 6 moments extra risky than driving drunk.

Avoid these distracted driving behaviors to be certain that you are targeted on the road:

• Texting
• Talking on a handheld mobile cell phone
• Driving when you have not had more than enough rest to keep warn
• Eating/drinking
• Making use of make-up
• Looking at guides or viewing exhibits

When these behaviors are extra approved, it is critical to be aware that they can also be distracting:

• Turning to see an accident, arrest, or scenery, and so forth.
• Interacting with passengers or little ones
• Altering the radio or audio participant

2. Driving less than the influence

According to the NHTSA, drunk motorists are responsible for extra than 32 per cent of all visitors fatalities in the United States every 12 months. Just assume about the simple fact that if just about every driver manufactured a dedication to hardly ever get powering the wheel just after ingesting or having higher, our streets would be 32 p.c safer!

3. Dashing

Speed each boosts the hazard of auto mishaps and worsens the severity of the incident because a speeding motor vehicle has a lot less time to stop to steer clear of a crash and the pace improves the drive of a crash, which can make it a great deal much more lethal. In truth, extreme and inappropriate dashing are accountable for 30 per cent of website traffic incident fatalities in superior cash flow countries like the United States. This intense driving actions may well truly feel good to some in the instant, but it isn’t worthy of putting yours and other lives at danger.

4. Aggressive driving

Intense driving is defined by a driver who has fully commited a collection of shifting traffic offenses that put other motorists, travellers, pedestrians, and bicyclists at danger with no regard for their basic safety. Some examples of aggressive driving behaviors are:

• Road racing
• Modifying lanes erratically
• Honking excessively
• Failing to generate the right of way this sort of as when entering a spherical-a-bout
• Failing to stick to traffic signals this kind of as jogging a pink gentle
• Tailgating or following at an unsafe length
• Creating aggressive gestures

Under no circumstances interact with an aggressive driver. If a driver is pursuing you, drive to a police station or phone 911.

5. Weak highway situations

Weighty rain, hail, snow, ice, superior winds and fog can all lead to poor road circumstances that improve the risk of a collision. Data from the US Office of Transportation shows that somewhere around 21 per cent of all motor automobile crashes are weather-connected. Motorists need to read targeted visitors reports ahead of heading out in inadequate climate and drive cautiously if they should go out.

We simply cannot command how other people today travel but by being alert and focused on the street at all instances, we have a better probability of getting absent from a driver who is not driving safely.

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