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Medical Malpractice and Cauda Equina Syndrome

Medical Malpractice and Cauda Equina Syndrome

This month, Attorney Monthly hears from Dr. Charles E Rawlings, a neurosurgeon and professional witness as perfectly as a nationally recognised plaintiff’s clinical malpractice lawyer. He has created thoroughly on the affliction and handled many clients with cauda equina syndrome. Under, he explores why it is critical to diagnose and treat cauda equina syndrome early – and the several ways in which failure to do so may represent clinical carelessness.

Cauda equina syndrome (CES) is a critical neurological dysfunction that appears to have been 1st described by Mixter and Barr in 1934. The problem can be caused by any entity exerting stress on the cauda equina including hematomas, tumours, infections or fractures. Extra importantly, nevertheless, among two and 6 percent of lumbar disk herniations consequence in cauda equina syndrome. As a consequence, if a client suffers from cauda equina syndrome, the cauda equina compression is most possible secondary to a disk herniation.

Most authors determine cauda equina syndrome as a neurological dysfunction characterised by medical functions of reduced back again soreness, bilateral or unilateral leg soreness (radiculopathy) saddle anesthesia (reduced feeling in the perineum, buttocks, anus, groin, and upper thighs), motor weak point, sensory deficit, and bladder or bowel incontinence.

While individuals with cauda equina syndrome could current to their family practitioners or even specialists these types of as neurosurgeons or orthopedists, a much better range current to the emergency office for first evaluation and procedure. Typically, particular functions or omissions by the emergency division employees can guide to health care negligence.

This sort of acts or omissions consist of failure of the nursing workers to doc and converse a patient’s signs, signals or development thereof failure of a doctor to receive an exact, thorough heritage accompanied by a comprehensive physical examination, like a rectal examination failure of the physician to recognise cauda equina syndrome and failure to acquire unexpected emergency imaging, consultation, or referral after a affected individual is identified with cauda equina syndrome.

The most essential facet of cauda equina syndrome is the require for early analysis and early referral leading to surgical remedy within 48 hrs of the onset of signs and symptoms. Detailed down below are the signs or symptoms and a brief overview of correct remedies.

Cauda equina syndrome, even so, is a neurological entity prompted by tension upon the cauda equina typically owing to a ruptured lumbar intervertebral disc. Cauda equina syndrome is characterised by small back again soreness, bilateral or unilateral lumbar radiculopathy, motor, and sensory deficits as well as bladder or bowel dysfunction. Most authors outline cauda equina syndrome only when bladder dysfunction is current in the individual. In other terms, cauda equina syndrome does not exist and are not able to be diagnosed in the absence of bladder dysfunction. With regard to remedy, most ruptured lumbar disks can be taken care of conservatively, both correctly or on an interim foundation right up until surgery becomes essential.

Cauda equina syndrome is a legitimate surgical crisis and is the only correct complete indication for surgical remedy of a individual with a ruptured lumbar disc. Most authors recommend surgery as shortly as probable, with scientific tests indicating significantly poorer final results if the surgery can take position 48 hours or far more adhering to the onset of the indications.

With regards to the medico-legal implications of cauda equina syndrome, Shapiro notes: “Serious legal implications about emergency place and doctor place of work administration of this challenge exist”. To steer clear of these “serious legal implications”, practitioners must continue on to perspective cauda equina syndrome as a accurate surgical crisis that needs both of those emergent diagnostic and remedy actions. Any affected individual with urinary dysfunction need to be examined on an emergent basis, particularly if the individual has suffered an acute modify coupled with other discogenic indications. The physician have to be aware of the condition and ought to have the expertise to diagnose the entity and purchase an MRI to consider the cauda equina and lumbar spine.

Cauda equina syndrome is a legitimate surgical emergency and is the only correct absolute indicator for surgical treatment method of a individual with a ruptured lumbar disc.

Moreover, the doctor should recognise that cauda equina syndrome is a surgical unexpected emergency demanding rapid referral to or session with a capable backbone surgeon. The affected individual can not be permitted to linger without having scientific studies or session. This caveat is specifically true with regard to evenings, weekends, or vacations. A client with acute cauda equina syndrome are unable to be addressed as a routine suffering affected person and to do so is health-related negligence.

Upon the finding of clinical negligence in the prognosis and therapy of cauda equina syndrome, the sufferer really should be compensated for any residual neurological deficits, long lasting paralysis, suffering and suffering, misplaced wages, unexpected emergency transportation costs, current and long run clinical treatment plans and expenditures linked with the victim’s rehabilitation or other important therapies or counselling.

If someone believes they have endured cauda equina syndrome, or damages therefrom, as a consequence of health care malpractice, deficits in therapy, incorrect treatment plans, or delays in procedure, they ought to to start with get all their pertinent clinical documents. In addition, they should acquire all their health-related charges, lost wage documentation (these kinds of as W-2s or tax returns), and all related costs pertinent to their problem. They ought to then instantly phone The Rawlings Regulation Organization for additional consultation.


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Dr. Charles E Rawlings is a Board-qualified neurosurgeon who was actively involved in clinical malpractice litigation as a guide, circumstance reviewer, and pro witness for 14 many years prior to becoming an legal professional. Right now, he attracts upon lots of decades of specialist exercise in equally the health-related and legal spheres to deliver his clients’ conditions to a effective summary. Dr. Rawlings is recognised by Tremendous Attorneys, and as a Major 100 attorney by The Countrywide Trial Legal professionals  and has gained several other accolades. He has been admitted to the Bar in North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, and Pennsylvania. He has also efficiently managed many malpractice claims with regard to cauda equina syndrome.