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Coping with Allegations of Medical Malpractice in UAE- A Defence Lawyer’s Perspective

Coping with Allegations of Medical Malpractice in UAE- A Defence Lawyer’s Perspective


1. Above two a long time in the past, an American psychiatrist at the University of Illinois, Faculty of Medicine published an write-up[1] (“the Article”) on how medical professionals respond to accusations of health care malpractice and instructed a assortment of approaches that they can use to diminish the psychological disequilibrium that accompanies this expertise. Dr Charles’ conclusions were based mostly on study and job interview research and in depth medical knowledge heading again to the mid-late 1980’s- as effectively as being sued individually as a defendant in health-related malpractice Court docket proceedings. 

2. For the most aspect, subsequent released research and dialogue on the subject matter has been scant  even though there is a overall body of view that Medical Malpractice Stress Syndrome (“MMSS”) is a regarded psychiatric issue effecting physicians comparable in nature to Post Traumatic Tension Disorder.  Community response to any dialogue of MMSS is mostly un-sympathetic and generally shifts emphasis to the psychological outcome of medical malpractice on individuals- and their people- which is, of training course, lacking the place. This deficiency of community being familiar with, possibly, reinforces the incredibly real influence of MMSS and its-perhaps- lengthy-term outcome on medical professionals.

3. The goal of this article is to utilize Dr Charles’ results and ideas in the context of the authorized framework of clinical observe inside of the UAE. This software is knowledgeable by the writer’s individual 20-5 years of authorized practice in the UAE advising and representing physicians, hospitals and their liability insurers and the working day- to- working day expert dealings with medical professionals training from time to time underneath huge pressures. Although health care malpractice coverage is compulsory in UAE and, thus, damages awards and lawful defence expenses could be taken treatment of by the liability underwriters (issue to plan phrases of training course) -in the writer’s encounter – this fiscal help neither gets rid of nor drastically reduces the level of pressure and stress that medical professionals experience in these situations. 

Physicians doing work in the UAE may possibly face allegations of medical malpractice in – broadly- 3 procedural contexts namely: –

3.1 civil claims for compensation pursuant to UAE Civil Regulation (“Civil Proceedings”) and/or

3.2 criminal investigation/expenses pursuant to UAE Penal Regulation which carry the likelihood of imprisonment and/or fines (“Criminal Proceedings”) and/or

3.3 regulatory and/or compliance proceedings where an adverse discovering could outcome in doctors getting rid of their licenses to follow and their skill to get paid a living in their selected profession via a criticism- very first- to the appropriate Healthcare Liability Committee (‘MLC ‘) and- subsequently- many Professional medical Methods Committees (‘MPC’) which may possibly impose sanctions (“Regulatory Proceedings”).

4. It is not unattainable- whilst unquestionably not regular- that doctors training in the UAE may find on their own involved concurrently in all three sets of proceedings in regard of the exact subject.  Federal Decree No 4 of 2016 offers that an aggrieved client is required to get hold of a report from the suitable Clinical Liability Committee as a prerequisite to file a scenario for compensation before the Civil Courtroom – the thrust of which is- to obtain a discovering of medical mistake or really serious clinical mistake resulting in damage/personal injury to the individual.  These Regulatory Proceedings are absolutely free to file and do not involve a complainant to incur any legal professional prices. Having said that, these regulatory committees have no jurisdiction to award or buy compensation or impose a criminal penalty, but they do have accessibility to an arsenal of sanctions such as proscribing/withdrawing a physician’s license and fining medical professionals and their employers. The conclusions of a suitable M.L.C may possibly be appealed in 30 days to the Supreme or Bigger Committee on Professional medical Legal responsibility (‘HCML’) an appellate committee developed by statute comprising a dozen or so different doctors etcetera. mainly drawn from the general public well being sector. In the same way, the level/diploma of sanctions imposed by the suitable Clinical Tactics Committee could also be subject to attractiveness.

5. An aggrieved patient might also opt to lodge a grievance to the police/ General public Prosecutor. Most General public Prosecution offices in UAE accept that a MLC Report may possibly be issue to attractiveness to the HCML and keep off commencing prison proceedings till the HCML challenge its selection- the moment an adverse HCML decision is issued felony proceedings are generally soon to stick to. In the occasion that a physician is convicted, the aggrieved client/Plaintiff adduces the reality of conviction as evidence in Civil Proceedings- together with a MLC/HCML Report against a doctor- generating liability practically incontestable- the only problem then underneath consideration is quantum and the stage of compensation to be proven or assessed. Individuals and their families usually seek solace in the retribution aspect of a legal conviction and owning someone to blame -and see punished- is typically a impressive motivating aspect propelling a felony complaint.

6. Clearly, -rightly or wrongly-aggrieved individuals in UAE have a distinct strategic and tactical gain in remaining ready to pick out the procedural context – steady with his/her aims- in which to go after allegations of health care malpractice whereas medical professionals have no option but to answer to and be choreographed by- the procedural rigors of the appropriate treatments invoked versus them.

7. Reproduction of important passages from the Posting can’t be prevented and it is emphasised that these are Dr Charles’ pro conclusions and guidance.  To avoid confusion, some passages have been edited to get rid of reviews /references pertinent to the US lawful procedure processes only. Exactly where specified references to the UAE are designed these are the writer’s own personalized observations and are unable to be attributed to Dr Charles. 

Reactions on Allegations Staying Formalised in Court Proceedings

8. In accordance to Dr Charles, most doctors are proficient and realize a sensible level of fulfillment in their personalized and experienced lives. It is prompt that this serves as fantastic preparing for managing the litigation encounter. The response to being sued frequently follows a period of time of psychological turmoil pursuing the catastrophic function or damaging outcome which forms the basis for the situations which then ensue.

9. “Physicians have a tendency to be self-crucial and, for that reason, have a tendency to doubt themselves, be susceptible to thoughts of guilt, and to have an exaggerated sense of duty. These persona attributes render them specially susceptible to the needs of tort law for the reason that fault ought to be set up for compensation to be compensated. In medical malpractice law, fault is centered on a deviation from the standard of care that resulted in the damage. As a team, medical professionals are acutely sensitive to any suggestion that they have failed to meet the common of treatment or are not “good” medical doctors. Their honour—that perception of own integrity that most persons cherish—is at difficulty, and the threat of its loss is devastating. This accusation of failure signifies a own assault: the central psychological event that generates the tension that offers increase to the signs and symptoms and reactions explained.

Other aspects exclusive to every single scenario, these as the physician’s connection with the patient, the nature of the patient’s injury, and the sum of encompassing publicity, all perform a purpose in creating worry. Very last, litigation is intrinsically adversarial and produces an natural environment international to that in which most medical professionals function. This contributes to feelings of isolation, aggravation, and dependency that threaten their normal thoughts of equilibrium”.

10. Additional to this are feelings of publicity, uncertainty and unfamiliarity with the UAE civil regulation legal procedure offered that most doctors in the UAE are expatriates from jurisdictions with-perhaps- totally different lawful units. An clear illustration would be physicians from “common law” nations these types of as British isles, Canada, US, Australia, Singapore and so on the place civil and criminal courts adopt an adversarial solution whereas in UAE courts are “inquisitorial” in mother nature. The distinctions amongst the two techniques are considerable and typically guide to misconceptions which normally heighten panic and a experience of isolation and helplessness. 

11.“More than 95{e538325c9cf657983df5f7d849dafd1e35f75768f2b9bd53b354eb0ae408bb3c} of doctors respond to getting sued by going through periods of emotional distress throughout all or portions of the lengthy course of action of litigation. This may possibly start off immediately on being served with the criticism by a sense of outrage, shock, or dread about the own and fiscal results of the eventual result. This is the initially response in a sequence that is comparable to individuals that accompany any key existence occasion. Inner thoughts of powerful anger, stress, internal pressure, and sleeplessness are recurrent throughout this period.

Signs or symptoms of significant depressive condition (prevalence, 27{e538325c9cf657983df5f7d849dafd1e35f75768f2b9bd53b354eb0ae408bb3c}-39{e538325c9cf657983df5f7d849dafd1e35f75768f2b9bd53b354eb0ae408bb3c}), adjustment dysfunction (20{e538325c9cf657983df5f7d849dafd1e35f75768f2b9bd53b354eb0ae408bb3c}-53{e538325c9cf657983df5f7d849dafd1e35f75768f2b9bd53b354eb0ae408bb3c}), and the onset or exacerbation of a bodily illness (2{e538325c9cf657983df5f7d849dafd1e35f75768f2b9bd53b354eb0ae408bb3c}-15{e538325c9cf657983df5f7d849dafd1e35f75768f2b9bd53b354eb0ae408bb3c}) come about, though fewer than 2{e538325c9cf657983df5f7d849dafd1e35f75768f2b9bd53b354eb0ae408bb3c} accept drug or alcoholic beverages misuse. …. A standard internist, for illustration, explained awakening with his very first episode of atrial fibrillation soon after being served with his first malpractice accommodate the preceding afternoon. This produced emergency professional medical session accompanied by profound psychological effects on the doctor. Some 2 many years later on, it figured prominently in his final decision to settle and to retire before than he experienced initially planned.”

Typical Write-up-Criticism Ordeals

12. The Report sets out signs or symptoms that might acquire for the duration of any of these phases when suitable coping fails

“• The grievance is served: original feelings of surprise, shock, outrage, stress, or dread.

• Session with law firm: dependent on the original assessment of the scenario, reactions of anger, denial, issue, reassurance, worry

• Lengthy time period of denials and intrusions: energetic makes an attempt to erase feelings about the situation, followed by automated reminders and intrusive views about it starting to be preoccupied by ruminating excessively exacerbated when circumstance-similar activity increases……

• Functioning by the prolonged course of action, for the duration of which medical professionals psychologically and intellectually “process” the that means of the circumstance, their part in it, and their method to their own defence

• Relative completion of reaction: medical professionals alter in lots of means simply because of becoming sued ideally, variations lead to bigger competence and a additional fulfilling particular and qualified life.”

Coping With Litigation

13. The Report maintains that the critical stage in the coping method is to promptly re-build the emotional equilibrium of the medical doctor. Staying absolutely well prepared and briefed on the genuine actions that a physician need to anticipate thorough monitoring of a one’s health and fitness by a fellow medical professional avoidance of self-treatment even for the somewhat insignificant indicators these kinds of as insomnia and so on and a well being verify on one’s own and qualified interactions are the very first methods that doctors really should be contemplating. Seemingly, the chance for an more claim doubles for doctors who have had a claim in the preceding yr and this emphasizes the require for as quick an equalization as attainable.

14. A central topic which pervades the litigation method is a single of a perceived deficiency of manage and the want to regain a degree of “mastery” which assists the coping system enormously.  In the UAE, the uncertainty of how a circumstance shall progress i.e., Civil and/or Felony and/or Regulatory Proceedings provides noticeably to feelings of “lack of control” and “helplessness” in doctors.  The investigation stage of Prison Proceedings proceeds at a speed totally dictated by Community Prosecutors who have their personal interior procedures and source administration components to get into consideration.  This does not make it any easier on opportunity Defendants who could have their passports taken from them for the duration of the investigation and are very likely to be summonsed to show up at conferences and interviews with the PP on quite brief see.  The restriction on travel-specifically with expat physicians- is specifically tense despite the fact that to mitigate this passports may possibly be unveiled permitting overseas travel  for crucial enterprise travel or loved ones emergencies etc presented adequate  surety preparations are in location. The moment handed on to the Courts, on the other hand, instances proceed at a a great deal brisker speed.

15. In UAE, all a few sets of proceedings require an investigation period getting carried out by the appropriate MLC and in numerous situations HCML. This includes what might be found as “frank and forthright” questioning by peers but doctors, total, have experienced some expertise of peer -evaluation and have some concept about what to hope in a peer -review type circumstance. Offered that Individuals and Medical professionals have the ideal to attractiveness an MLC choice typically provides rise to appeals to the HCML – even though just not too long ago a submitting cost of AED 5,000 per charm has been introduced and has been found by some commentators as an hard work to discourage spurious/unmeritorious appeals. Presently, the time between filing an enchantment and a decision commonly array from among 12- 24 months which in flip improves the length and costs of Civil Proceedings and Criminal Proceedings. It is unclear what actions could be taken to minimize the accumulation of appeals whilst retaining the integrity of the charm construction.

16.  The Post conceptually divides the many coping mechanisms into 3 areas.

Social assistance:

• Explore your inner thoughts with a trusted person—your attorney, another doctor, a relatives member, or a buddy

• If the above are unavailable, call your nearby professional medical or specialty society for referral to an offered peer or aid team

Restore mastery and self-esteem:

• Request your lawyer to explain your purpose in each individual action of the course of action

• Inquire about the predicted duration of time required to system the scenario

• Make certain you really feel comfortable with your appointed lawyer and request a transform, if important

• Establish the usefulness of retaining a particular attorney

• Take part in deciding on your gurus

• Put together by yourself for the unpredictability of the process— the guidelines, the attorneys, the choose, the gurus,

• Take an active position with your lawyers in the defence of the scenario

• Determine locations of exercise that lead to panic or inner thoughts of “loss of control” and locate methods to diminish them

• Do not take part in apply conditions that demand compromises in your professional benchmarks

• Have interaction in routines that will boost your competence: programs, accreditation things to do, teaching, or medical center or clinic committee perform

• Evaluate the sum of time you devote to relatives and specialist functions and make the necessary changes

• Go to to financial and estate organizing if this has been long delayed

• Consider time absent from apply, these kinds of as a vacation

• Participate regularly in energetic athletics, exercises, or other leisure functions

• Program the required planning time for ……… participation in the trial

Alter the this means of the celebration:

• The charge is that you have failed in competence and are, as a result, a “bad” medical doctor you thus need to function to understand yourself as “good”

• Assessment your job objectively: most medical professionals perform well and with competence

• Reflect on the enter of authorized and insurance plan counsel about the case and do the job to admit the “truth” about the occasions in dilemma

• Find reputable session with relatives and professionals about the effects of settlement and/or likely to trial

• Be variety to yourself, even when being aim

17. A important function in “regaining mastery” is the involvement of a defence law firm who not only has to be a good attorney but also need to evidently recognize and –with correct sensitivity-deal with the physician’s own and emotional requirements in the extremely human drama that is unfolding.  Numerous attorneys (could be in UAE or in truth anyplace) driven by budgetary constraints – do not completely embrace the involvement of and conversation with physicians as totally as Dr Charles recommends. Plainly, these attorneys who are unsuccessful to strike a fair stability and cater to the requirements of the physician in this regard may well uncover them selves at danger of staying replaced by a person else who will.

18. It is also the writer’s practical experience that most substantial UAE employers (i.e. hospitals/clinics) are – for a amount of audio lawful and financial motives-really supportive of utilized doctors experiencing health care malpractice allegations-not minimum economically. It is frequently the circumstance that an employer will decide on –up the tab for lawful defence expenses where liability underwriters are unable-for no matter what motive- to supply guidance for a certain case. Leaving aside the monetary features, quite a few doctors truly feel strengthened by the community aid of their businesses.


19. In its current condition, the lawful and regulatory landscape in the UAE does little to discourage allegations of professional medical malpractice being asserted versus physicians. For the time becoming -and with the figures of grievances from clients increasing- medical professionals who uncover by themselves subject matter to allegations of medical malpractice would be imprudent to disregard the effect of MMSS and the various coping mechanisms that Dr Charles (and others) advise.  There are defence attorneys out there that can assist with the coping approach in approaches other than just currently being technically fantastic attorneys- despite the fact that in a extremely aggressive authorized market these as the UAE and “bottom- line” pondering- these are the exception somewhat than the rule.