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Carrie Jose gives five tips to stay active, avoid injuries in your 50s

Carrie Jose gives five tips to stay active, avoid injuries in your 50s

Carrie Jose

I get the job done with a ton of consumers in their 50’s and outside of, and remaining lively and mobile is a significant priority for them as they age. An injuries can appreciably derail this plan, primarily as we age, considering that restoration just isn’t as effortless.

Right here are some of 5 of my top rated suggestions when talking to folks over the age of 50 to assist them keep energetic and mobile, avoid accidents, and continue doing every thing they really like.

1. Keep Relocating

You’ll normally hear me say: “You really do not get rigid because you get outdated, you get old due to the fact you get stiff”. A person of the finest means to keep lively and cell as you age is to maintain moving. Nicely what if you have something like arthritis? Bear in mind that arthritis is usual. It happens to anyone as they age and it’s rarely a explanation to halt carrying out your most loved routines. In simple fact, investigation has revealed that routines like working, when performed continually and with proper form, truly prevents knee arthritis. Arthritis worsens when you do not move. And typical “injuries” this kind of as meniscal tears and bulging discs are extra most likely to arise in arthritic joints. But the much more energetic you stay, the fewer likely you are to be impacted by conditions this kind of as these, and the better your joints will really feel. Happy joints will motivate you to remain lively.