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The (new) Transfer Of Rights By Purpose In Copyright Contract Law – Copyright

The (new) Transfer Of Rights By Purpose In Copyright Contract Law – Copyright


Deciphering copyright contracts dependent on their intent is not&#13
new in Austria. Soon after all, this teleological interpretation is an&#13
essential element of just about every deal investigation and the theory of&#13
transfer by reason designed in Germany has generally been an&#13
integral portion of Austrian jurisprudence. Accordingly, the extent of&#13
rights granted does not, in scenario of doubt, go further than what is&#13
needed for the functional intent of the meant use of the&#13

What’s more, the person commissioning a perform is in any circumstance&#13
implicitly granted the legal rights to use the perform for the function for&#13
which the do the job was commissioned. If the fee to use the operate&#13
would only make feeling if the commissioner on your own is entitled to use&#13
the do the job, the legal rights granted are exceptional.

Whilst the provision simply codifies existing case regulation in this&#13
regard, the new legislation goes further than this former case law.

Written content of the provision


  • Specification obligation (Sec 24c para 1 1st sentence)
  • &#13

For all contracts on the granting of rights of use, the&#13
provision supplies for a form of obligation on the section of the&#13
acquirer of the legal rights to expressly and individually designate the&#13
sorts of exploitation coated by the licence. If these kinds of types of&#13
exploitation are not expressly and individually designated, the&#13
function of the deal as recognized by both of those parties will&#13
ascertain which forms of exploitation it handles. This is not a rule&#13
of doubt. Even if it is obvious that the parties desired to protect all&#13
sorts of exploitation, the scope of the licence is limited&#13
according to the intent of the agreement, if the kinds of&#13
exploitation are not expressly and individually selected.

Having said that, this does not relate to a specification of exploitation&#13
legal rights like the appropriate of reproduction, distribution right,&#13
interaction to the general public, and many others.), but the sorts of exploitation.&#13
A sort of exploitation describes the scope and “industry of&#13
use” of exploitation legal rights.

There is no official prerequisite for the specification the types&#13
of exploitation can thus also be separately and expressly&#13
selected orally.


  • Typical rule of doubt (Sec 24c para 1 second sentence)
  • &#13

  • In addition, the law stipulates that (in circumstance of question) it&#13
    need to be established on the foundation of the goal of the agreement&#13
    whether unique or non-exceptional legal rights have been granted, how&#13
    far the legal rights granted extend and what constraints they are&#13
    issue to. This is what Austrian courts have previously carried out&#13
  • &#13

In accordance to the legislator, the adoption of the provision is&#13
justified by the guiding theory of the author’s&#13
participation in the economic exploitation of his or her function to&#13
the finest doable extent. The provision is supposed to protect&#13
the author as the frequently weaker party to the contract and to&#13
reduce an extreme granting of exploitation legal rights by means of&#13
extensive grants of rights to the exploiter (copyright buyout).&#13
This is to be certain that the acquirer is not granted far more rights than&#13
needed with out a plainly recognisable intention on the section of&#13
the events.

The reason of the agreement

If the types of exploitation are not expressly designated, the&#13
objective of the contract will determine the sorts of exploitation to&#13
which the grant of rights extends. In addition, in scenario of question,&#13
it ought to be decided primarily based on the function of the agreement&#13
no matter if exceptional or non-exclusive legal rights have been granted, how&#13
far the legal rights granted extend and what limitations they are&#13
issue to.

It is as a result typically a good idea to point out the intent of the&#13
agreement explicitly and plainly in the deal.

When identifying the intent of the deal, the market&#13
follow might also be thought of, but also preliminary&#13
negotiations, accompanying conditions, very similar contractual&#13
interactions, typical activity, business enterprise framework and the typical&#13
class of small business of the functions involved, insofar as they make it possible for&#13
conclusions to be drawn about the goal of the agreement.

In get to reach a extensive granting or transfer of&#13
rights – which is typically desired or even required in apply,&#13
in particular in relation to functions designed for seek the services of and commissioned&#13
will work – giving the acquirer of the rights a posture related&#13
to that of an operator, it is advisable to explain that this is&#13
exactly the objective of the contract.

Who is matter to this provision?

The provision applies not only to contracts between authors and&#13
initially exploiters but to all contracts on the granting of legal rights of&#13
use. It is only relevant to contracts concluded right after the&#13
amendment arrived into drive, i.e. on 1 January 2022.

In addition, the adhering to are excluded from the provision:


  • Is effective designed inside of the scope of an employment&#13
  • &#13

The law leaves open up what constitutes an work romance.&#13
In the absence of European law demands, this will be&#13
established by Austrian labour legislation. Even so, the purpose –&#13
even though it is an exception – argues in opposition to an overly&#13
restrictive interpretation, so that people equivalent to employees&#13
and freelancers may possibly also be covered.


  • Subordinated contributions
  • &#13

These are works that symbolize a not important contribution in&#13
relation to the total work. Even so, it is dependent on the person&#13
case, having into account copyright and financial elements.


  • Laptop or computer systems2
  • &#13

  • Cinematographic is effective
  • &#13

For cinematographic is effective a various rule of question applies,&#13
i.e. authors who undertake to take part in the output of a&#13
film thus grant the producer the special right to use the&#13
cinematographic function as effectively as translations and other&#13
cinematographic variations or transformations of the do the job for all&#13
sorts of exploitation.

In situation of such exceptions, blanket grants of legal rights with out&#13
listing the kinds of exploitation are permissible and implied&#13
grants of legal rights further than the goal of the contract are&#13

The intent transfer theory is not mandatory and can&#13
therefore be waived. Also in situation of these types of a waiver a comprehensive&#13
grant of legal rights is achievable devoid of listing the sorts of&#13

Practical assistance

Usually, it is sensible to point out the reason of the deal,&#13
for instance in a preamble of the agreement. On top of that, the types&#13
of exploitation really should be explicitly said the place doable (and in&#13
specific in case they go outside of the goal of the agreement). If&#13
detailed rights to a function are granted in purchase to produce an&#13
“proprietor-like” place for the acquirer, this should really be&#13
said as the intent of the agreement. It is also advisable to&#13
explicitly record all exploitation legal rights that really should be coated by a&#13
grant of legal rights.


1. The provisions utilize equally to authors and&#13
performers. For better readability, on the other hand, the posting only&#13
refers to authors.

2. Insofar as computer packages and database operates are&#13
made by workforce in the efficiency of their formal obligations,&#13
the theory of transfer of goal is outmoded by the presumed&#13
granting of legal rights pursuant to Sec 40b of the Austrian Copyright&#13

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