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Legalize provides professional services in contract law to its corporate clients

Legalize provides professional services in contract law to its corporate clients

Products and services relevant to contract law

We give the subsequent services in the discipline of contract regulation
to our corporate shoppers:

  • Draft and evaluation of a variety of types of regional income, provider,
    freight, lease and other contracts
  • Draft and overview of contracts with overseas elements in
    Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages
  • Conducting negotiations with the counterparty to regulate the
    terms of the contract in favor of the client
  • Informing about dangers arising out of the contract and
    administration of existing risks
  • Representing the shopper in pre-demo proceedings and litigation
    process in case of breach of contract conditions.

Why is it important for contracts to be organized by
specialist legal professionals?

It shields the firm from large hazards and fiscal losses. In
addition, it is beneficial in terms of safeguarding the company’s
position through disputes arising in cases of breach of deal
phrases or litigation In contracts with foreign components, you can be
secured from the threat of getting fined a huge total by regulatory
authorities Contracts organized by expert legal professionals shield you
from substantial monetary losses, as well as support to protect your
organization name.

Draft and evaluate of contracts

Based on negotiations with counterparties, a agreement is drafted
in favor of the client relating to difficulties that can be mutually agreed
upon. Data about the significant challenges is presented to the
shopper. The procedure of execution of agreement is retained beneath control
and accompanied right until the system is completely done.

Legalize team’s experience in this field:

  • The two companions of the enterprise have far more than 10 many years of
    knowledge in contract legislation
  • Furnished lawful guidance to the condition establishment functioning in
    the field of progress of the non-oil sector in connection with
    the drafting and review of a variety of types of contracts in
    Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages (about more than
  • Presented authorized guidance to a group of regional businesses operating
    in the discipline of construction in connection with drafting and critique
    of various sorts of contracts in Azerbaijani, Russian and English
    languages (about extra than 150)
  • Participated in the summary of an expense contract for
    the Russian trader corporation and participated in the drafting and
    evaluation of somewhere around extra than 100 contracts for that company
    in the framework of lawful assist
  • Participated in the preparing of deal assignments for one particular of
    the leading universities of Azerbaijan
  • Represented the interests of providers in quite a few business
    disputes similar to contractual relations (about extra than 50

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